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Lpg vaporizers

We have a full series of LPG vaporizers with several models and ratings, developed with unique designs and high performance. Click here and learn more about our series.

Monoblock burners
img We are exclusive Lamborghini representatives in Brazil, learn more about our monoblock burners and this partnership.
Dualblock burners
imgDesigned and developed for high-performance industrial processes, the dualblock burners are rugged, cutting-edge combustion equipment. Click here and know our burners.
imgKnow our series of horizontal and vertical boilers, developed for medium and small steam generation capacities and low fuel consumption. Efficient and safe designs for your business needs.
Water heaters
imgWe work with medium and high capacity water and gas heaters for pool, hotel, motel, club, condominium heating, as well as other industrial applications. Click here and learn more about our heaters.
Thermal fluid heaters
imgOur thermal fluid heaters are rugged, high-performance equipment with cutting-edge design. Click here and know our series.
Biogas - reuse
imgBiogas is a critical elements for large-scale beverage, food and other industries. We develop the technology for reusing this gas. Click here and learn more about our solutions.
Biogas - burn
imgWe are proud to develop and produce over 2000 pieces of equipment for biogas generation and burn. Click here and learn more about our expertise.

Product by application

imgThe sector with the highest level of development in Brazil also needs technologies for its evolution. Click here and learn about our solutions for the agribusiness sector.
Food & beverage industry
imgWe have been working for 20 years with food and beverage plants to develop combustion solutions for their business. Click here and learn more about our series.
Hospitals, hotels/motels and laundries
imgMore than indispensable, our solutions are extremely effective and safe for this sector in constant growth. Click here and know our series.
Construction firms and asphalt plants
imgRugged, high-performance equipment have been developed for this industry sector. Click here and learn more about our series.
Chemical & petrochemical
imgDeveloped for harsh and challenging environment, our technologies are important tools in these production processes. Click here and learn more about our series.
Stores, clubs and condominiums
imgWith low to medium capacity equipment, we are able to serve stores, clubs and condominiums in a fast and reliable manner. Click here and learn more about our series.
Sewage treatment plant
imgThe generation of clean energy is a huge advancement in the sector. We are prepared to develop designs and build this evolution. Click here and know our series.
Kilns, incinerators and painting booths
imgRuggedness, safety and durability are critical elements for this sector. See what equipment is suitable for this need.
Grain and seed dryers
imgGrain and seed drying require cutting-edge combustion technology. You can rely on our burners for that. Click here and learn more about our burners.

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